Here is some general information for students attending classes...

1.  We practise in our bare feet.

2.  Wear comfortable exercise clothing.

3.  Bring a yoga mat and a blanket (for relaxation).

4. Come to class with an empty stomach.

5. Please turn off your mobile or don’t bring it.

6. On arrival, please lie down quietly on your mat and take a few moments for yourself before class begins.

7. If you arrive late, please sit quietly at the entrance until an appropriate point in the class when you can unroll your mat, do a few stretches and join in.

8.  Ask questions about anything you are not sure about.  Ask during the class when appropriate or after class.

9.  If you have a health issue, please tell me before class.  Not every pose is appropriate for everyone.

10.  Payment for the term is to be made on your first class of that term.

11.  Let go of the competitive mind-set.  Be kind and loving to yourself by accepting where you are.  Listen to your body and come out of a posture early if you need to.

12.  Be patient, open and enjoy your yoga!